Friday, April 8, 2011

Dancing with the Morlocks

Diminishing the Vulnerable
After one kind of person has been devalued, it is far easier to diminish and cheapen another and then another.  When one kind of person is deemed expendable, the act does not stand alone as an isolated headstone of regret and mourning.  “Alas, look what we had to do.  It was sad, but necessary.”  Instead, the event will reoccur with a slightly different excuse, and then again, soon multiplying and becoming as common as stepping stones leading to a place where no one wants to go.  A place where no individual is really safe even among his or her own fellow human beings, regardless of their shared humanity and hope of fellowship and understanding.  A place where any one is subject to the whims, devices, and dictates of the others who used to yell “Live, and Let Live,” but now chant “Live, if we Let you Live.” 

Do not be deceived; those with agendas devise smooth sounding appeals to devalue others’ lives one by one.  Unborn children were among the first.  Our beloved parents and grandparents are next.  Who’s after that?  The profoundly disabled?  The moderately disabled?  The Republicans?  The Tea Party? The Christians?  Anyone who is inconvenient or with whom the elite disagree at a given time will be vulnerable.  So, when someone like Bill Gates says that Grandma’s last three months of life are wasted on her and any assets spent for her comfort or health during that time would better be spent on teachers or some other worthy recipient, reject this kind of thinking with your entire being!  Remember, the true strength of any society is accurately measured by the manner in which it treats its most vulnerable members. 

Remember the Morlocks
Remember the H.G. Wells story, The Time Machine? I submit that we have morlocks among us today plotting from their various religious, philosophical, and political strongholds. They exist to destroy others. Their agenda is their hunger and they will consume the clueless eloi to feed it. They used to concentrate on destroying the elois' reputations and hopes. Now they more closely resemble their storied namesakes in that they literally seek eloi lives. And why, when these morlocks take us one by one, and then hundreds by hundreds, do we sit serenely by the river and say nothing and do nothing like a bunch of stupid cattle?“Oh, well,” we think, “at least it's not me.”  Yet, with our very passivity, we are strengthening and encouraging the morlocks.  Can you just imagine their rejoicing? “Wow. This is easier than we thought. These cattle are so stupid. They just sit and let us do whatever we want!  Easy as picking fruit off a tree! We can do whatever we want to whomever we want!”  

Lessons from History
How many of the World War II generation sat by while millions were massacred in Europe? Later, people lamented and vowed that if they had known they surely would have spoken out or rescued the victims.  Well, we are many decades too late to stop that horrible miscarriage of all that was decent and honorable.  Yet, we can give birth to sanity today; Jewish people are again in danger.

Israel and her people are being deliberately and quite loudly threatened with extinction These are not idle threats. Their closest neighbors and others declare Israel’s very existence offends them and they chomp at the bit to completely devour this tiny nation.  This kind of inhumanity to ones’ fellow man used to be called hate. But now the nations are busy redefining mere debate or criticism as hate, and so ignore the genuine beast as it bellows, blusters, and strikes without fear of censure.  

The shamefully whipped press falls all over stories of suspected hate speech or bullies in schools, but ignores the undeniably hate-inspired actions of the slimy black-hearted morlocks who crept into a home one night in March and massacred five members of the Fogel family, including three children.  One was a tender three year old boy.  One was a tiny infant girl. These precious babies, their older brother, who was still a youth himself, and their parents were savagely executed simply because they were Jewish. 

Stop the presses! This barbarianism should have been condemned everywhere!  This shocking slaughter should have been discussed and decried!  Yet, it was barely acknowledged: We were more offended by the tirades and missteps of a few spoiled actors! If it is right to stay silent about the horrific Fogel family murders, then we owe Charlie Manson and his morlock family an apology and a place of honor at our new politically expedient table. 

A Shocking Dance
We used to close our ears and turn away in disgust and unbelief when morlocks growled and spat their venomous hate at our fellow eloi, even if the eloi were on the other side of the river and we did not know them personally.  We used to stand together and with strong decency and compassion we shamed the slobbering maniacal morlocks back into their dark caves of evil intentions.  And those that would not be shamed, we pushed back with our resolve and righteous indignation. 

Presently, the morlocks are louder and braver than ever, doing a rabid dance of menacing verbal and political gyrations designed to confuse, stupefy, or intimidate any eloi who would rouse themselves to rescue current victims.  Moreover, some of the eloi are dancing with the morlocks!!  And boating on the river with them in a flotilla*, no less!  If decency and compassion no longer rouse us to stand with our fellow eloi, Israel in this case, then perhaps a little common sense will shake our complacency and stop our stupidity. Remember the lessons of the past, the lessons of our lives and our grandparents’ lives: When we help other eloi we help ourselves. Don’t deceive yourselves you who dance with hate and flirt with anarchism, because you think you can use the moment to fulfill your own agenda. If not stopped, the morlocks will eventually consume all the eloi, especially those who help them.  The first rule of revolution is to kill the revolutionaries.  

A Unique Nation in History
Concerning Israel's plight, please do not think, “They are only Jews, after all.”  Have you no memory, no gratefulness!?  God raised up the people of Israel, made them a nation, and chose to bless the other nations of the earth through them.  I will not here go into all that the Jewish nation has given, but I will mention her three most profound gifts to the world: The Bible; The Ten Commandments; The Savior, Yeshua Ha'Mashiach (Jesus Christ).  

The Bible has given us archaeologically authenticated history, understandable ethics, encouragement, beauty, wisdom, hope, faith, and insight.  It has fed our minds and our hearts with light.  And do we even have a clue what Jewish Law has done for order and peace in the world?!  Basic rights such as legal ownership, due process, and responsibility only for one's own crimes and not for those of an associate were unheard of before the Law of Moses. 

Then there is Jesus, from the line of David, who I believe is the promised Messiah.  Please do not give me the old lame excuse that Jews killed Christ.  My sins were heavy upon Him as were yours.  You and I actually killed Him.  As my Jesus was dying, he asked the Father to forgive the people there who were taking part in his execution, because He knew they didn’t understand the significance of their actions that day.  If Jesus had mercy on the Romans and His brethren as he was dying, who am I to do less?  The apostle Paul prayed and grieved over his Jewish brethren, willing to spend eternity in hell himself if it would mean the salvation of Israel.  God has not cast away His people: Israel has always been and shall always be God’s chosen people.

Genuine Compassion  vs Pawnsmanship

So why do some hate Israel with such strong fervor?  This hate defies logic and decency on every level. It reeks of godless agendas that desire to silence the message of the Bible, the Ten Commandments, and the Christians in order to feel successful.  It smells of age-old grudges passed down from ancestors, yet gaining momentum with each new generation.   It twists the faces and futures of those who swim in its poison who refuse to step out into the warm sun and clean air. 

I firmly believe that the Palestinian people are being used as pawns by many who hate Israel. Any of their Mideast oil-rich, land-rich Islamic brethren could repatriate the Palestinians or enrich them at any time.  Instead, they urge the Palestinians to cling to their poverty, despair, and helplessness in order to better play the victim.  By their actions they say, “You lay there and bleed to death, so we can blame it on the Jews!  Yes, we could take you back home and give you a future, but we would rather use your plight as a weapon against the Israelis!  We could finance your businesses, homes, and hospitals, but instead we will give you weapons to kill the Israelis.  We need you to desperately hate the Israelis so you can attack them with more passion and abandon.” 

Those who would have genuine compassion on a people drowning in hate cannot help by jumping in with them and holding their heads under the surface.  Instead, true compassion would pull them out of their hate!  It would offer them the fresh sweet oxygen of reason, forgiveness, and yes, even love and hope. 

Israel is not perfect.  No person or nation is perfect.  However, I do not want to hear more of Israel’s imperfections and supposed crimes.  I have heard it all before.  Ad nauseam.  Rather, I have seen Israel bend over backward to her own hurt to make peace and to keep peace with those who ruthlessly attack her from within and from without.  I salute Israel for this restraint.  I also salute Israel for defending herself which is her moral and legal obligation as an autonomous nation.    

It is long past time to speak up for Israel, and to help any son or daughter of Israel anywhere in the world who needs assistance.   

So, to Israel, to my beloved Jewish brothers and sisters and to any others who peacefully live among you, I love you and pledge to stand with you.  What can I do?  What do you need?  My prayers? You have them! My mouth or my pen?  They will ever bless and defend you.  May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob grant peace to Jerusalem. May God grant peace and safety to all Israel. May God defend and bless His chosen people and show them mercy in every way!

I love you and thank you,
From one Christian Gentile who has been blessed through you


Thursday, February 17, 2011